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golf biomechanics

who needs a golf biomechanic?

everyone who plays golf! current research shows that 30% of all pga professionals and 62% of recreational golfers are playing injured.

besides injuries, golfers are spending thousands of dollars on clubs and gadgets to gain an advantage only to need to find room to store yet another driver or golf gadget.

it’s not the club that plays the game, it’s you, the golfer---invest in your body.

the evaluation

each golfer undergoes a comprehensive evaluation as a precursor to the design of his performance enhancing or rehabilitation program.

the evaluation consists of posture, flexibility, stability, strength, balance and power.  a swing biomechanical analysis and nutrition and lifestyle assessment is also performed.

strength training for golf

amateur golfers achieve 90% of their peak muscle activity when hitting long shots.  the average golfer will do this 40 times in a round of 18.  this level of intensity is comparable to martial arts, hockey and football.

the benefits of a sound golf fitness assessment, program and implementation include:

  1. lower scores
  2. more confidence
  3. improved posture
  4. decrease chance of injury
  5. better overall swing technique
  6. increase stamina and endurance
  7. more club head speed and distance