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corrective and high performance exercise

what is a c.h.e.k. practitioner?

a c.h.e.k. practitioner takes a holistic approach to their assessment, education and training of their clients. c.h.e.k practitioners understand that the human body is a system of many complex inter-related systems that all affect each other, so they conduct thorough and detailed assessments on all the body's systems using questionnaires and physical assessment before making any recommendations or providing a program or course of action. "if you are not assessing, you're guessing! the program is only as good as the assessment" (paul chek).

all c.h.e.k. professionals are taught and encouraged to lead by example. they are typically fit, healthy, intelligent, compassionate people that happily engage in the life process. c.h.e.k. practitioners of all types are taught that information only becomes knowledge when that information is used to change the lives of others for the better!

this multidiscipline approach, which allows the practitioner to find the true source of the client’s pain or dysfunction, sets us apart from other health care practitioners.

the evaluation

initial assessment – each client will be taken through a comprehensive evaluation consisting of medical history, posture, flexibility, strength, primal movement patterns, ranges of motion, balance and core strength testing. diet and lifestyle will also be addressed.

the program

the typical program consists of five phases:

  1. complete health history and lifestyle questionnaires must be filled out prior to the physical examination.  this information will dictate the direction of the physical exam.
  2. physical examination:  this process will take one to two hours to complete and it may include referrals to other health practitioners or for lab tests.
  3. program design:  this individualized program will be based from the findings of one’s physical examination and questionnaires.  the program will take into consideration time and equipment constraints.
  4. program education:  this includes individualized instruction on how to perform the corrective exercise program.  some programs are recorded onto a mini dvd and given to the client to take home for convenience in learning the program (an additional fee will apply).
  5. progression: depending on genetic make up, the program will need to be updated every two to six weeks.  a re-evaluation will be performed prior to the advancement of the exercise program.

training with a qualified chek practitioner is ideal for those seeking to attain:

  • improved performance
  • balanced nervous system
  • improved body composition
  • increased vitality & well-being
  • decreased physiological load/stress
  • increased recovery time from injury
  • reduced risk of degenerative diseases
certified c.h.e.k. practitioner